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UnDead Mickey is one of the spare Mickey Mouse suits kept Off-Camera from Character Prep 1, and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0. Out of all of the hostile suits/toons, He is the least aggressive, but a bit more hostile enemy towards the player, moving slow, but a bit fast throughout his rotation.

Credit to Photo Negative Mickey for the character and images.


Undead Mickey, one of the spare Mickey suits which was kept off-camera in Character Prep 1. Because of the abandonment from being finished and the closing of Treasure Island, this suit became more rotten through the years. Causing his body to go skinny, and parts of his body to drop off.


Like The Face, UnDead Mickey resembles the normal Mickey Mouse's appearance. However, this Mickey Mouse suit has a skinny body, and a pale look. He has big eye-sockets, red shorts with yellow buttons, as well as yellow shoes, only having an exception of his clothing covered in dust/dirt. His body has a dirty/dusty appearance because of his abandonment. The difference about his texture features is that being; thinner fingers, discoloration around his clothing and body, smaller/thinner buckles on his shorts, shorter pants, dirty/dusty look, burnt-looking dents. 


Undead Mickey begins his path on Night 3 and on, starting first off-camera, then starts in Character Prep 1. Undead Mickey's path is chosen at random so it could be anytime he can enter the Office. UnDead Mickey acts like Photo-Negative Mickey (almost a clone of him), but starts in CAM 3, along with Photo-Negative Mickey and Disembodied. but first remains off-camera, which is not visible seen in the camera, standing at the left corner behind, which when he comes out. He is seen at the left wall corner putting his left hand on the left wall. He has a random path, especially when wandering to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Bathrooms, Lounge and The Office. He is not this fast on CAMs he takes his path to, but can be a bit fast on a few CAMs. Undead Mickey acts very abnormal, compared to other suits/toons. He really has a random path chosen at any CAMs.

When he is in The Office, he cannot kill the player, but instead can disable the cameras, making the player defenseless, you need to hide under the desk for a while to make him go away. Failing to do so will make him lure a suit/toon to your Office.


Undead Mickey's accessable locations listed in no particular order:


  • As in the backstory section, he has been abandoned for a couple of years.
  • In the edited version of Undead Mickey's appearance in game, he and the places he goes to have been more brightened.