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True Mickey is a antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0.

Appearence: He has the same appearence as PN Mickey, except that he has human eyes.

First Appearence: Staff Area

Becomes Active On: Night 6 (Nightmare Mode)

Colors: Photo Negative

Species: Mouse

Gender: Male

Audio: Hello...Welcome to my show.....of nightmares. You won't last long. I am the true one. You've escaped from me once but you won't escape again. (JUMPSCARE SOUND)

Behavior: True Mickey starts outside the building on night 6 if you get the requirements of the true ending, at 1am, he will be seen in the staff area, then at 2am, he will move to the meat freezer, at 3am, the power will cut. Occasionally, Undertale like scenes will flash on screen, then you have to battle him.

(NOTE: The second image shows True Mickey but in a different form, a much lighter verison of himself, unlike the first image.)