Available In Classic 0.9- 1.2.3
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes, 64
Tool Used None
Data Values Hex: 2E
Obeys Physics? Template:Yesphysics
Luminosity Template:Yesluminosity
Transparency Template:Notransparency
TNT is a Minecraft block that explodes when ignited using Flint and Steel or Redstone. It can be crafted with Gunpowder and Sand. Because It is a very infamous griefing tool, it has been banned on many multiplayer servers. TNT used to be lit by simply hitting it but now needs flint and steel or redstone switches. It also can be lit using pressure plates.

TNT will obey physics and become luminous only after it is lit. Whenever TNT is lit it will do a slight jump and come down out of place on the block it was put onto. It is the only block to do this. When too much TNT is exploded at the same time the resulting destruction of blocks will freeze Minecraft and crash the game stating that java has run out of memory.


TNT Crafting Recipe


TNT can be used to easily blow through any type of blocks except obsidan and bedrock. Any normal blocks in it's blast radius will disappear or sometimes drop into pick-up form. Be careful though, as TNT WILL affect you with the explosion if you are caught in, even if you crafted it. TNT has a function now though, and once lit, will take approximetly 5-8 full seconds to explode.


  • TNT is one of the blocks in Minecraft where it's a full block. It's the only one that explodes and disappears once used.
  • TNT normally follows the Minecraft block grid when placed, staying apon the blocks it's placed on perfectly, until it's lit. Once it hisses and flashes (Much like a Creeper), it falls of the grid, becoming a free block like NPCs. It will do a little hop normally and move a few inches way from the original position most of the time.
  • If you put a lot of TNT together, and set off one, the others fly everywhere, doing extreme destruction to blocks farther away.
  • Since creepers explode like TNT, or drop gunpowder when killed (one of TNT's ingredients), Some people joke that creepers actually EAT TNT.
  • TNT is Often used as a Griefing Block since it's a Block Capable of Causing Destruction and half the times a Player would be kicked if their caught with more then 1piece of TNT.
  • Some people plant TNT to destroy ground to quickly get blocks.