The Rat is a antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0

Appearence Edit

He appears like a Mickey Mouse suit that lacks legs, has a green face has no eyes and some happy smile.

Behavior Edit

The Rat starts on Janitor's Closet off screen. He will then go to the Bathrooms, Meat Freezer, Lounge and then Office. The player must shut off the power to survive.

Trivia Edit

  • His appearence, or the pose is similiar to The Face.
  • Because of copyright claims, his name had to be changed from The Rat to The Forgotten.
  • He had a bunch of changes.
  • His jumpscare in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.0 is actually Nightmare Suicide Mouse's Jumpscare from Nightmare Before Disney V2.
  • His shade is similiar to MickMick but with The Rat's colors and has human eyes, and a body.
  • He is mostly inspired by Nightmare Suicide Mouse

Gallery Edit

Shade suicide mouse by photo negativemickey-d9kh2bo

His first concept phase, which is Photo Negative Mickey's Shade Suicide Mouse.

Thy Rat

His second concept phase, notice he has a yellow metal claw.

The Rat

The Rat's Final Concept Phase, which is inspired by Nightmare Suicide Mouse.

Hola1231 the rat promo please read description by hola1231-dawdvdo

A promo of him made by Hola1231

Hola1231 the rat promo by hola1231-dagi2gi

Another promo of him made by Hola1231

Shade The Rat

His shade, which looks similiar to MickMick.

Te rat0001.png0001

The Rat's offical new promo.

In The Office0001

The Rat in the Office

The Ratin ffice2 0001

The Rat in the Office (BETA)

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