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Scoiling Mouse is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0. Occasionally, he is very aggressive and hostile towards the player, moving very fast throughout his rotation. But he has a slow path to CAMs, but has a fast one to a few of the CAMs.



His appearance is like Suicide Mouse's appearance, but the costume is practically melted and burnt, there is flesh exposed on some parts of the body, and a link-blot, human eyeball in the left eye-socket. He lacks a tongue and has a rip on his chest.

One of the buttons in his pants appear to be missing. He somehow appears to be grayscale, and has several rips/holes around the suit within visible, and consist exposed flesh inside. The suit consist; sepia colors; grayscale, red, brown, dark terracotta and gray and white colors.


Scoiling Mouse acts very unusual and unique, compared to the other suits. He is not fast on every CAMs, but can be fast on a few of them.

He has a unique route, but he only appears directly at the right Office exit. Scoiling Mouse will kill the player if the player choses to not shut off a camera or denies to hide, if the player does shut off a camera or hide under the desk, he will go away. Shutting off the power won't make him go away.

Scoiling Mouse starts in the Broadcasting Room. He has 2 stages before leaving, but this event only happens on Night 5 :

  1. He's seen crawling up next to the TV in which turns on when Suicide Mouse becomes active, and Suicidemouse.avi will play along.
  2. He will then be seen standing in front of the TV. His eye assumingly takes the look of an Ink-Blot's, and he's also seen looking at the Camera.

After exiting the Broadcasting Room, he will head through Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then arrive to the Office. Unlike Most Suits other than Suicide Mouse, he will procced to take a direct path to The Office instead of going back and forth throughout CAMs, or walking around the building at a random point.

When he gets into the Office, you will have to shut off a camera. However, it doesn't always work to fend him off.

So that means hiding under the desk will always work, because if the player shuts off a Camera and he doesn't go away, the player must hide, hiding is a must for just 5 seconds, then he'll go away. But if the player fails to do so, Scoiling Mouse will attack the player the next time the monitor's put down, or if the player shuts off the power, or if the player shuts off one of the Cameras and he is still there.


  • He is somehow one of the popular fan characters in other games.
  • Scoiling Mouse is one of the few characters that doesn't have a normal path towards The Office.
  • Scoiling Mouse sometimes doesn't go away once a CAM is shut down. So that means he's one of the few characters that the player has to hide from.
    • Scoiling Mouse doesn't act very normal unlike the rest of the suits, but the way to defend against him is normal.
    • Scoiling Mouse was abandoned for years and was a damned grayscale Mickey Mouse suit costume, hence why he is called "Scoiling Mouse."
    • He's one of the direct suits that head directly to The Office, which is a direct advantage to the player and other suits.