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Really Happy Mouse is a antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 3.0.



Really Happy Mouse's appearance is that of Suicide Mouse, except he has human like teeth. Within darker colour scheme. One of his eye-holes are larger/wider.


He is like Suicide Mouse, but with a smile, is withered and broken almost everywhere in himself.


Really Happy Mouse will start in Character Prep 3 with Willy, then he will go to the Character Prep 1, then to the Staff Area , then to the meat freezer, then to the Lounge, then finally to the office.


  • Really Happy Mouse is named after the game "Really Happy Mouse". (Obviously by now)
  • He is a happier verison of Happy Mouse himself.
  • He can be seen broken/withered in his new promo. While his old promo is not broken/withered.

Really Happy Mouse's old promo.

Really Happy Mouse in the Office (Note that suicidemouse.avi is playing)

Really Happy Mouse in the office, when he can be seen possesing or holding the normal Mickey Mouse rarely.

His jumpscare.