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Photo-Negative Oswald is an fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island


He's like Oswald. The only difference is that he's Photo-Negative. Like Photo-Negative Mickey. His shade version has no eyes, 3 spikes in his mouth and his ears are replaced by spikes.


He starts in Storage Room. He soon moves to the Staff Area, Next to the Meat Freezer, and next to the Office. If he's in your office, Hide under the desk until he's gone. Failling at this will result on Photo-Negative Oswald's jumpscare, crashing the game. When the power is off, His shade version it's gonna be active. His shade version can appear in front of the sign. It's recommended to flash him with brighter mode for make him go away.


  • Photo-Negative Oswald has a very rare chance of appearing in previous nights
  • Photo-Negative Oswald's quotes are the Dark Oswald's quotes. Just slowed down
    • He also have the same screech. Again, slowed down
  • There's a very rare chance in where shutting off a cam work with him
  • If Photo-Negative Oswald is active and Suicide Mouse song is playing, The Suicide Mouse song will get skipped to the part of the screams
  • When Photo-Negative Oswald is active, Suicide Mouse song turns into a slowed down version of the Suicide Mouse song
  • He appears in the menu