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Photo Negative Disembodied is a antonigist in FNATI/ABD: The Ultimate Edition.


Photo Negative Disembodied is like the normal Disembodied except his colors are photo negative.


His behavior is the same as the normal Disembodied. However when he appears in the office, his quacks are more distorted then his original self. His head is not seen in the Lounge though.


Photo Negative Disembodied can replace the normal Disembodied in night 3, however they can both appear in Character Prep 1, maybe rarely or occasionally.


Photo Negative Disembodied's Appearence and Promo.

Photo Negative Disembodied in Character Prep 1, along with Photo Negative Mickey and the original Disembodied.

PND in the Office

PND in the Happy New Year image.