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Nightmare Suicide Mouse is a antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0 and FNATI:


He appears as his normal form from Nightmare Before Disney. (FNATI)

He is also like Suicide Mouse, but he has drill like claws, sharp areas, even in his eyes and mouth, along with a lack of ears. He has no legs, so he can only crawl.


Nightmare Suicide Mouse's Behavior is short. He starts in the Staff Area, where the player can see him peeking out of the Mascot Door, which says "Mascot Only Room". Then he goes to the Meat Freezer and then The Office. The player must shut off a camera to survive.


  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • The Office


  • In "Five Nights at Treasure Island Remastered 3.0", he could be seen in camera 1 sometimes for whatever reason.
  • He Is The Only Character In All Versions On The Logo Of NBD And Main Menu Although In V3 All Of The Characters In NBD Are In The Main Menu.
  • His face is sometimes green due to the lighting, and that causes players to get confused if this is a error or not.
  • He is the only character to appear in Subwoofer's NBD

Before Disney. |-|Gallery=


Nightmare Suicide Mouse (concept of his jumpscare).

His promo.

Nightmare Suicide Mouse in the Staff Area (OLD)

Nightmare Suicide Mouse in the Staff Area (NEW)

A concept of his hiding jumpscare.