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Minnie Mouse is a antonigist in FNATI/ABD: The Ultimate Verison.


She appears as the normal Minnie Mouse suit, like from the cartoons. But the only difference is that she has fully red shoes. (The cartoon Minnie has yellow shoes)


Minnie Mouse starts in the Storage Room, along with Dark Oswald, but she is not seen on camera. She can be seen in right of the camera if she comes out. She is not facing the camera, as she will be seen in that pose of facing the doorway. She can say two of these things when moving.

  • Want to play?
  • Hey there!


She is like a normal Mickey Mouse suit's girlfriend, which is true.

Minnie's face is not distorted, unlike Photo Negative Minnie, which is Photo Negative Mickey's girlfriend.


Minnie Mouse in the Roof

Minnie Mouse in her starting location, the Storage Room

Minnie in the Staff Area

Minnie in the Staff Area, but she is photo negative

Minnie in the Meat Freezer

Minnie in the Staff Lounge

Minnie in the Happy New Year image

Minnie's Promo

The original Minnie Mouse, from the cartoons