MickBody, also known as the Normal Mickey Suit is an antonigist in ADI 3.0

Appearence Edit

He is a normal Mickey Mouse suit but he is only headless, doesn't have a head.

Behavior Edit

MickBody starts in Character Prep 2, laying down along with Daisy. Then he goes to the Staff Area, instead of Janitor's Closet and Bathrooms. Then he enters the Meat Freezer with Acephalous's head and then he goes to the Lounge and then the office.

Trivia Edit

  • He looks like to be based on The Face, but in a proper Mickey form.
  • He is like Acephalous, because he is headless, but has a different behavior.

Gallery Edit

MickBody in Character Prep 2
Mickey in Staff Area
Mickey in Meat Freezer
Mickey in Staff Lounge
Mickey in the Office
Mickey's head in the Office
Output mXC09D
Mickbody head jumpscare
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