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Henry is one of the humanoids in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0

First Night Active: Night 3 (Pirate Caverns) Night 7 (Main Game)

First Appearence: Floor 3 (Pirate Caverns) Pirate Caverns Entrance (Main Game)

Colors: Yellow, Black.

Gender: Male

Species: Human in phone call. Humanoid when hostile.

Behavior: In Pirate Caverns, if you are able to find Floor 3, be will appear there standing. If you wait there for a couple seconds, he will begin giving exposition on the Island's backstory via text. If you find him, this is the last you'll see of him. However, fail to rescue him and he will become aggressive from Night 7 onwards. He will start at the Pirate Caverns Entrance and then immediately move to the Office. To make him leave, turn off 2 cams.