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George The Eyesore is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0


George is a alternative version of True Mickey and Shade Photo-Negative Mickey. He resembles much more like Photo-Negative Mickey, the only changes are his black colored ears, his white colored buttons, his poorly painted yellow shoes, his big eyes who belongs to PTLD-93 and a fedora hat on his nose.


George becomes active once the power is shut off, he will be wandering around the Island for the rest of the night after so. When power is shut off, he will occasionally appear at the Office, with his arms stretched resembling Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, to prevent him to attack the player, hiding is a must for about 5 seconds. If the player doesn't hide in time, or denies on doing so, he will disappear the Office, and after 6 seconds, Photo-Negative Mickey will be flashing at the player's eyes, doing a edited audio from one of George's lines, after transforming into him, killing the player.

When the power is on, George will reset all his path, starting from Storage Room, then moving to Staff Area, Character Prep 2, Bathroom, Staff Area then the Office. To avoid being killed by him, either shut off a camera, or hide, which gives the player 50/50 chance to survive. Delaying or neglecting both of the options will result in George slowy fading out the Office, then after 4 seconds, jumpscaring the player.


  • George's appearance was originally going to be only a Shade Photo-Negative Mickey with PTLD-93's eyes and a fedora hat on his nose.
  • George is actually an angry ghost of a dead employee who died by an random assassin inside the Treasure Island.
  • The dead employee's name was George.
  • Due the fact of George being a ghost, he can possess other suits, his main possessed suit by now is Photo-Negative Mickey.

interesting enough that both George and Photo-Negative Mickey can be seen in the same camera with the same suit.

  • It is reported that George can possess other suits, the reported ones was Suicide Mouse, Disembodied and Photo-Negative Minnie.
  • George's lines is a slighty edited version from some lines of Undying from Dota 2.
  • George's old promo is actually True Mickey's but looks the same as George himself.


When the power is shut off, he will randomly enter in the Office. When the power is on, he starts at the Storage Room, randomly moving at the Staff Area, then Character Prep 2, then Bathroom, then at the Lounge, and finnaly appearing at the left side of the Office.

  • It's unknown if that he might be a demon being, like True Mickey, but he's more likely a mouse suit/toon, like Pure Mickey.


George says the three following things below when moving. He also moans.

  • Who disturbs the dead?
  • My stomach rumbles.
  • The hells reject me.
  • *moaning noises*


George's promo.

George attacking the player when the power is out (Notice that Photo Negative Mickey flashes before George appears).

George on The Roof.