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Corruptus is one of the corrupted suits and antonigists in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0

First Appearence: Anywhere

Becomes Active On: Night 6

Colors: Blue, Red, Black, White, Gray, Skin

Species: Mouse

Gender: Male

Audio: Let's have some fun. I know you're in there. You can't run from me. (JUMPSCARE SOUND)

Behavior: Corruptus can wander throughout the whole building and can go anywhere. In the office, when he is far from the room in the office, shut off a camera. If he is way too close to you then hide under the desk immediately, or else you will die by Corruptus.

Appearence: Corruptus is a combination of PN Mickey, Suicide Mouse and The Face.

Corruptus also has a form of Revision 1. When he is in that form, he gains green spots all over him, and also says different quotes.