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The Blood Mouse Costume is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.0. Which his appearance highly resembles Blood Mouse's, alongside Blood Mouse. He is one of GreenMario543213's fan-making characters.



The Blood Mouse Costume highly resembles Blood Mouse, however, his textures are brighter, making his colors a slightly brighter. His face is brown instead of black because of this. His eyes are normal Mickey Mouse eyes instead of glossy, human-like eyeballs. As his name suggests, he is a possessed Mickey Mouse costume.

That this costume almost resembles to Photo-Negative Mickey and Mickey Mouse. But only the exception is this:

He is a customized variation of Photo-Negative Mickey and Mickey Mouse that a possessed and inverted Mickey Mouse costume with photo-negative coloring. It is unknown why it was colored as such. Like it contains all of the classic Mickey Mouse features, such as white circular ears, a small pointed tail, a white pointed nose, a large grin with a red tongue, red pants with tan-gray buckles, Dark Blurry Wood shoes, and gray/blackish gloves. If they're reversed, it shows The Blood Mouse Costume's Photo-Negative colors.


The Blood Mouse Costume becomes active on Night 3, he starts in the Storage Closet, laying down on the floor. The player can signal when he is about to start his path when he stands up and looks at the camera. Unlike Blood Mouse, the costume will proceed to head directly toward the The Office instead of going back and forth between CAMs. Like Suicide Mouse.

The Blood Mouse Costume can be told apart from Blood Mouse himself because the CAMs he enters are brighter and value blueish than the darker CAMs Blood Mouse enters throughout back and forth along his path. He then comes to the Staff Area after being from the Storage Closet, then heads to the Meat Freezer, then to the Lounge and The Roof, he then enters The Office. Whenever the costume enters The Office, the player must hide under the desk to avoid him. Failing or neglecting to hide in time, or denies on doing so in the next 5 seconds results The Blood Mouse Costume's jumpscare. If he does kill you, results a game over. Whenever he does enter The Office, three hallucinations will appear one by one, only remains for 0.2 seconds. If they're seen, or if The Blood Mouse Costume is seen on The Roof as such, are as the hallucination follows while the costume's on The Roof:

  • 1st Hallucination: The first hallucination contains The Blood Mouse Costume starring at the player, while being onto The Roof.
  • 2nd Hallucination: The second hallucination contains the costume taking his head off, within azure/gray leaking blood from his neck.
  • 3rd Hallucination: The third hallucination contains the costume again, but twitching on the screen, curiously clenching his head towards.

The Blood Mouse Costume only enters certain rooms that direct suits/toons can take a direct path to The Office. But this only applies for the Lounge and the Bathrooms and The Roof, which is also the locations towards for him.


Blood Mouse will start lying down in the Storage Closet, then is seen stood up before exiting/or leaves out of CAM 13, and then will head directly into the Staff Area and the Meat Freezer, and to the Lounge and The Roof, where he shows 1 of his hallucinations. He will then enter The Office.


  • Like Blood Mouse, the costume's model is actually Photo-Negative Mickey from Abandoned: Discovery Island, but his textures are inverted and then value inverted.
  • The Blood Mouse Costume was actually a normal Mickey costume but was vandalized to look as he does now.
  • His hallucinations are similar to Blood Mouse's hallucinations, only with the exception of brightened scheme.
  • The Blood Mouse Costume heads directly to The Office instead of going back and forth between CAMs, like Suicide Mouse. It's unknown if The Blood Mouse Costume and Suicide Mouse have the same behaviour. Only with hiding to avoid him, shutting off CAMs 13, 1, 2 will also avoid him.
  • The Blood Mouse Costume's hallucinations can be seen in the main menu.
  • The hallucinations are just Photo-Negative Mickey's screens in the original main menu.
  • The Blood Mouse Costume and Blood Mouse are the only suits/toons that's connected to each other in terms of psychical appearance.