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<tabber>Info= Billy is an antonigist in Abandoned Discovery Island 3.0

|-|Appearence= He appears to be a greyscale verison of Donald Duck, with a hat, gloves and looks like a captain.

|-|Behavior= Billy starts in the Roof, coming out of the chimney first. Then he comes to Character Prep 1, along with Photo Negative Mickey and Disembodied. Then he moves to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and then the office. The player must shut off a camera to survive. |-|Trivia= Having Billy and Eustace in the office at the same time will cause a deep laugh to play and then the game will crash. |-|Gallery=

Billy on the Roof

Billy in the Staff Area

Billy in the Meat Freezer

Billy In the left side of the office

Billy's Hare Screen

Billy on the right side of the office, in the door

Billy's New Jumpscare

Billy's Newer/Newest Jumpscare

Billy's Old Jumpscare (after Eustace's)